Our client has two GG8 engines and two PT8 free turbines that have damage at the Pratt & Whitney Power System shop in Connecticut, and no longer needs this equipment for his operations and we have an exclusive sales agreement to liquidate this equipment. This equipment has about 11,500-12,000 operating hours on it since new. They are 1991 FT8 twin pacs, they will burn gas or liquid, or dual fuel, currently doesn't have fuel nozzles, and they would produce about 25 MW each. These are only the gas turbines and free turbines, they can connect to either a 50 or 60 Hz. electric generator. These gas turbines can produce 25 MW of power in a 60 Hz. grid, slightly less in a 50 Hz grid, each.
  1. The PT8 CCW, S/N 80015, has enough serious damage that very few items from that piece are of any value to anyone.
  2. The PT8 CW, S/N 80017, has very little damage to worry about from this visual inspection, but the labor and materials to clean and reassemble with (3) new bearings and seals is estimated to cost $200,000 +/-.  
  3. The GG8, S/N 726404, has serious damage from the HPC compressor failure, and that I would say is not worth spending any money on. The LPC/IGV front compressor has some minor secondary damage from the metal flying around from the HPC compressor failure on it's last stages, but I don't think it's real bad. The engine from the HPC intermediate case aft is junk.
  4. The GG8, S/N 726412, doesn't have much damage as I see it in modules. This is the engine I feel can be repaired, but 1st it has to be completely disassembled, cleaned, and items that are of concern be repaired and/or replaced, 1st using items from S/N 726404, if they are not suitable, then serviceable or new parts from PWPS. This engine will be repaired by PWPS but it won't be a zero timed engine. They will address all issues as they go through the disassembly and re assembly, giving the best engine possible based on what they see. They will clearly address issues and all the repairs and workmanship will have PWPS warranty. There are numerous service bulletins that may be needed and that list with costs is being compiled now. Should these service bulletins be done, PWPS will want a P.O. to accomplish them.
  • The idea here is to sell all four (4) assets, as is where is, and the new buyer can either repair the assets that they would like, there with PWPS or remove the assets and do whatever they want with the assets when they want. We are asking $2,000,000 for everything.
  • The other idea is that three assets will be given to PWPS (title of ownership transferred) in exchange for the fully repaired engine S/N 726412 with gearbox, not zero timed, but a very healthy engine that can be used for anyone's spare or main engine, and if a new owner is involved early enough, they can be involved in the engine repair, and if so desired can have any additional work done by issuing PWPS a P.O. covering that work. They would take delivery of that engine directly from PWPS and we would transfer title of that engine to the new owner upon receipt of the EFT. We are asking for $2,000,000.  
  • I have photos of all the equipment taken this week and I can answer most questions by email or a phone call.













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